Simon Jørgensen

Simon Jørgensen

Soul Surfer

“Teachers say, ‘Now meditate,’ then one sits down and one may think that one should imagine emptiness. That is not what is meant. What is meant is don’t wander, don’t wander. Hearing the word meditate, it sounds like one has to do something. But there is not even as much as a dust mote to do as an act of meditation. It’s just like space here — a totally inconcrete openness. Try to imagine that, imagine space. Can you imagine space? You can imagine it is empty, but that is a thought. Does that thought help anything? To meditate on a thing means bringing that to mind, but can you bring space to mind? Okay, space is empty. To keep that in mind is another thought. But without thinking anything, meditate on space. Can you? Isn’t it better to leave it unimagined? Unmeditated? That is why it is said:

The supreme meditation is to not meditate.
The supreme training is to keep nothing in mind.

While resting free of anything to imagine, like space, do not be distracted


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