Michael Stig Ørbech

Michael Stig Ørbech

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Michael Stig Orbech (Ørbech in Danish)

TEMENE.DK is a Danish training and process consulting company established by Michael Stig Orbech (Ørbech in Danish) in 2004. Michael has worked with people, teams and organizations in almost all sectors. He is the author of many articles and co-author of three books that address key points of attention in an increasingly complex, challenging, and changing reality: the need for more vivifying conversations, well-functioning groups and teams, and, not least, the ability for skilled reflection and contemplation in teams and personally.

Michael has a background as a manager in two international consulting companies (COWI and NIRAS). His professional skills are based on a wide experience and education including Master in Organizational Psychology (MPO), MSc in Organizational and Technology Development, Psychotherapist (EAPT approved), Council Guide, Natural Therapist and Certified Facilitator (CPF at IAF). From 1990-2000 he worked primarily internationally on organizational development tasks.

He is one of the process consultants behind one of the exemplary cases selected by the Danish Government (Commission of Leadership) on how to create success in organizational development.

You are welcome to contact Michael for more information using this email michael@temene.dk.


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