Sacred Singer


Born in nineteen seventy-five, in the land of Shiva

To a mother steeped in faith…she was strong, she was a believer

My father was a big guy, a real bureaucrat

His friends and cousins tell me, he was a real brat

Always did his own thing and commanded R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

But took real good care of his family, in every aspect

We lived in beautiful Darjeeling, Queen of the hills

We spent years in the forests, full of adventure and thrills

Till it was time for us to move to Calcutta

Oooh…we’re moving to the big city, my stomach started to flutter

It was a whole new beginning, a whole new reality

And amidst all the chaos, I discovered spirituality

My aunt was a devotee, she initiated me early

Mantras, stories, good advice — I owe her a lot quite clearly

I also went to an amazing school, run by the Society of Jesus

And a lot of what I am today, is because of what they taught us

School was a fairytale of friends and passionate music

And that music lived on in me forever…almost therapeutic!

I would debate, read poetry and even made it as captain

But somewhere deep inside of me was a rebel who felt trapped in

From a sweet angel good boy, I turned full on teenager

Sex and booze and rock n roll, not minor…but major!

You know how it is to grow up in a land of one billion

There’s a LOT of pressure on you, to be one in a million

From parents, society, teachers…there’s a lot of expectation

Study hard, score good marks…don’t give in to temptation!

But I was cut from another cloth and I simply could not imagine

Myself as a doctor, lawyer or even chartered accountant

So I fought and I quarrelled….and shouted till no one heard

And eventually I decided that I’m not walking with this herd

Finished my “headucation”, started playing with many bands

Our dream was to spread our music, far and wide to other lands

But life had other plans and I also wanted to write

Started an advertising career working morning till late at night

To be honest I must admit, it was fun while it lasted

Award functions, wild parties and drink till you get plastered

I even got married at the ripe age of twenty four

To my high school sweetheart, could I ask for more?

Apparently I could…for I was not finding peace

There was soooo much wild energy that still needed release

The marriage lasted two years, it was no cakewalk 

It ended in anger, and I was cold as a rock

Ganja in the morning…ganja at night

Blurring the line of awareness between illusion and light

Till one day I woke up and was led to my beloved master

The journey that my aunt had started was now gonna go faster

I dived into Yoga, Vedanta and sacred teaching

I was amazed at the clarity that I soon started reaching

But my parents were worried sick, they felt I had gone astray

As I quit a great career and moved to Bombay!

City of dreams, city of lights, city of opportunity

I found home, I found my tribe and we were a loving community

Of crazy friends and Bollywood stars, we were jamming through the night

Some people would kill for that life, but it just did not feel right

Even though I had my freedom to practise yoga and find my sound

Something in me wanted to jump off this crazy merry-go-round

And somewhere in all that, came the moment that changed my life

I met my saviour angel, Malene, my beautiful wife

She came in like a quiet breeze of innocence and clarity

We would laugh at our differences and give thanks for our similarities

We went deep into Yoga, sattvik life and pure love

We both felt this marriage was a gift from above

And now it was time for me to leave my motherland

To move to tiny Denmark…where’s that again…the capital of Netherlands??!!

We lived in Copenhagen, a little village compared to where I’m from

Life was good, I surrendered to whatever was to come

I got rooted in my Sadhana, and started teaching yoga classes 

Met some very beautiful people who were different from the masses 

Between classes, concerts, workshops, playfields, ceremonies and festivals

I spent lots and lots of time shuttling between airport terminals

From Sweden to Estonia, Finland, Prague and Germany

Spreading music, love, sacred teachings, peace and harmony

I met divine musicians and shamans from distant lands

We journeyed with sacred medicines in circles holding hands

In learning the sacred ways I learnt to be humble

And all around me the walls began to tumble

I learned to trust and surrender to the basic goodness of people

I learned that every act of kindness creates a positive ripple

Somewhere between all this, I got blessed with a daughter and son

They taught me to slow down and not run and run and run

And slow down we did, we decided to leave the city

And get our own farm in the country, goddamn it’s pretty

Life unfolds in her own sweet pace, we live simple lives

Full of lightness and abundance where everybody thrives

We try and grow our own food, eat organic and healthy

Telling the kids all the time, that THIS is the way to be wealthy

I have my music and my Yoga and my occasional travels

I’m fascinated by the beauty every moment unravels

And every night my wife and I, we step out for a smoke

And appreciate the beautiful land with birch and pine and oak

And not for a moment do we take this life for granted

We are grateful for all the fruit from every seed we’ve planted